mSpy vs Mobile Spy

Looking For Mobile Spy Application? But which one is better?

The huge number of spy applications available in the market right has made choosing the best one a daunting task. Not to mention the number of spy softwares those are currently under development. That is why a comparison of the two, highly rated spy application is in order – mSpy and Mobile Spy. This comparison will tackle the most significant features that each spyware has to offer to their public.

mspy vs mobilespy

First and foremost, how much will each of the spy applications cost?

The original prices for mSpy and Mobile Spy are $159 and $100, respectively. However, the number of features available installed in Mobile Spy is far below in number when compared to mSpy. In addition, you need to pay an additional $50 in order to gain access to Mobile Spy’s Live Control Panel. Therefore, you get the most value for your money with mSpy, beating Mobile Spy in spite the $59 difference in their original prices.

When it comes to customer support, both mSpy and Mobile Spy has almost the same features. Both products have customer support which can be touch based with through email, live chat, or via your phone. In addition, both can be accessed anytime of the day, any day of the week, and have websites with a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section. The only difference between the two is that mSpy is more user friendly compared to Mobile Spy, though the latter have a manual that comes along with the product’s purchase. However, having software that is easy to use even without a manual will always be on top of the list. As a result, in terms of customer service, mSpy still beats MobilSpy.

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mSpy VS Mobile Spy in Customers Eyes

Phone and operating system compatibility is a concern for both. Both do market that their software are compatible for any phone; however, they may not have fully disclosed all the information necessary. For example, Mobile Spy has features that do not work through all major operating systems. This means that there may be one feature that is available for one phone, but does not work on the other. Though it is true that it can be installed into any phone or operating system without a hassle, but there are certain limitations that you should be aware of.

The mSpy application on the other hand is compatible with all operating systems, and all its features can be accessed as well. However, in cases such as the iPhone, you might have to jailbreak the phone before you can install it.

It is worthy to take note that both mSpy and Mobile Spy offers the same features to its customers. Though, there may be slight differences.

Being able to accommodate three phones is the main component for the salability of Mobile Spy. mSpy does not have such a convenience in which you may need to buy a more expensive license in order to accommodate the same number of phones. This means, Mobile Spy is now ahead of the mSpy in terms of cost.

However, you may have to sacrifice some features of Mobile Spy when you are installing it in a phone that is not Blackberry or iPhone.

The multi-phone license that Mobile Spy is offering can be a very attractive deal; however, sacrificing some of its features when your phone is not a Blackberry or an iPhone may make you think twice. This makes mSpy’s price tag worth it especially that it offers the same features across any phones without additional payments. In this case, mSpy will give your money’s worth.

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